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About D.C Firewood

D.C Firewood is devoted to providing premium cut/split firewood to the Two Harbors, MN area. We have premium cut/split birch cut at 16 inch lengths on hand always. Custom length orders are also available in bulk. We also offer other varieties of firewood. Give us a call for firewood availability today!

Our New Products and Services

What D.C Firewood has to offer to you or your business

Full/Half Cord Firewood 

We sell full cords of firewood delivered to your property/business. This is a full cord of firewood placed in the location of your choosing where our equipment can get to. Fill your wood shed from these loads!  

Palletized/Crated Firewood 

Let D.C Firewood bring to you our "mobile" wood shed. We offer half cord palletized or crated firewood orders. This is the perfect match for the frequent firewood burner. An initial core charge is applied but it makes reordering a snap! We pick up the empty crate/pallet and return with a full one. 

Bundled Firewood 

Another great selection, especially for business, is our bundled firewood. Bulk order discounts can apply. A bundle contains .75 cubic feet of firewood. Perfect for the one time user. 

Stacking Service 

Let us take the hassle of getting your firewood stacked in your wood shed, racks, garage, etc. Give us a call for rates today!